Enigma Rouge absinthe 70cl

Enigma Rouge absinthe 70cl

70cl 68% abv

Enigma rouge is an outstanding, unfiltered premium absinthe made from grape-base alcohol distilled with a combination of aromatic herbs and plants, including grande and petite wormwood, anise, fennel and angelica. The natural red colour may fade with time to a salmon pink.


COLOUR: Vibrant damask rose red when freshly bottled, slowly fading through Provençal Rosé to blush pink.

NOSE: Floral. Angelica and wormwood to the fore, backed up by anise and hints of Parma violets.

LOUCHE: Slow forming with rose pink highlights

TASTE: Unctuous and mouth filing. The wormwood is forward followed by angelica

FINISH: Long and lingering

Price: $78.00